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August 08 2017

drop shipping
Fashiontiy is a leading, mobile, F2B, e-commerce platform focusing on the modern in affordable fashion accessories and jewellery. We provide thousands of quality, general accessories to give our shoppers variety and versatility. Most of us combine an extensive range of level of quality accessories with a dedicated in order to our valued customers.
drop shipping
All of our goal is to provide all of our customers with high quality solutions at unparalleled, factory charges. The more you buy, the more one saves! Fashiontiy is perfect for store owners, sellers, wholesalers, importers, and everyone searching for suppliers to give all their business a competitive borders.

Why Fashiontiy?

1 . Spontaneous Browsing: Features fast along with intuitive touchscreen browsing in addition to try-on function.

2 . Manufacturing Pricing: Bridges the hole between manufacturers and consumers by honoring factory rates despite order size.

three or more. On-Trend Styles: Updates in excess of 100 new and on-trend styles weekly.

4. Client Rewards: Rewards larger obtain quantities with sizeable deals and other perks.

5. Bendable Orders: Eliminates the need for unwanted or insufficient inventory by means of allowing flexible, mixed get quantities.

6. Reliable Transport: Reduces shipping concerns by giving flexible packaging and presenting standard/express shipping.

When buying by us, the sale is not comprehensive until you are completely satisfied. When you are interested in our products, will not hesitate to contact us.
0816 a281 500
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